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Participating in the China Refractory Academic Exchange Conference

Time : 2023-10-18 Hits : 39

More than 500 people from related colleges, institutions, industry organizations and media, refractory raw materials, products and equipment manufacturers, trading companies from the refractory material and user industry participated in the meeting, and representatives clashed ideas and sought common development.

The "National Academic Exchange on Refractory Raw Materials" is an industry event in refractory raw materials. The grand convening of the conference provides a platform for refractory researchers, manufacturers, suppliers and users to exchange information, promotes the structural upgrading and sustainable development of refractory raw materials industry, and strengthens the collaboration between refractory raw materials and products enterprises and high-temperature industrial customers, opens up the supply chain of refractory raw materials - refractory products – high temperature industry, achieved win-win development.


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