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Microporous Insulation Board

Product Description

Flamebor Board is a kind of microporous thermal insulation board with aluminum foil or aluminum foil cloth wrapping the core material, clean surface without dust. It has strong rigidity and unity, and has good handling and processability.

It is mainly composed of fumed silica mixed with fiber reinforced materials to achieve extremely low thermal conductivity at a small density. Thus, the product thickness is small and the weight is light, which is conducive to space optimization and weight reduction. It can effectively improve the energy efficiency of the working equipment.

Flamebor Board offers 4 application temperature models 950℃, 1000℃, 1050℃and 1100℃. Other demands can also be customized.

Module selection
PropertiesFlamebor  Board 950Flamebor Board 1000Flamebor Board 1050
Application Temperature,℃95010001050
Nominal Density,kg/m³230280310
Cold Compressive Strength,10% deformation,MPa,ASTM C1650.230.300.34
Specific Heat Capacity,KJ/kg·K200℃0.810.840.92
Linear Shrinkage,Full soak,24 hours,%,ASTM C356950℃<3


Thermal Conductivity,W/m·K,ASTM C177200℃0.0220.0230.028
Loss of Ignition, Dry condition<2.0<2.0<2.5

Remark: The data in the table above are all tested based on pure core material.

Dimensions, Tolerances and Packaging

Standard Sizes,Length×Width600×400±3
Maximum Sizes,Length×Width1000×600
Standard thicknesses10/12/15/17/20/25/30/35/40/45/50≤30:±1;>30:±1.5
EncapsulationPOF(Plastic Optical Fiber shrink film)/ Aluminum Foil/ Aluminum foil vacuum bag/ Aluminum foil cloth bonded with self-adhesive tape

Remark: Other dimensions and thicknesses and encapsulation cloth are available on demands.


Flamebor microporous thermal insulation material helps to accurately control energy efficiency and heat flow, improve production efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Its comprehensive property is incomparable to other thermal insulation materials.

√ Low thermal conductivity below or at the working temperature.

√ Stable structure at high temperature for a long time, no powder, no aging.

√ Low shrinkage, not easy to deform.

√ Thermal shock resistance.

√ Inorganic and non-combustible, class A fire resistant, can be used as fire insulation layer.

√ A variety of temperature models are available to suit the application.

√ Non-toxic and harmless, without inhalable harmful fibers.

√ Resistant to most chemical substances.

√ A wide range of sizes are available for order.

√ Free choice according to design requirements.

√ Easy to process and convenient to cut.

√ No ODS substances are produced during production and application, no damage to the atmosphere, environmental protection and recyclable.

√ Multiple encapsulation options are available.

√ Increase the capacity of equipment or reduce the external space and weight.


√ Metallurgy: torpedo tank、ladle、tundish、coke oven door、aluminum melting furnace、 aluminum cell、aluminum holding furnace、cracking furnace、forging furnace、pit furnace.

√ Industrial furnace: heating furnace、induction furnace、regenerative incinerator、melting furnace、electric furnace、furnace door、furnace cover.

√ Petrochemical: cracking furnace、reforming furnace、distillation unit.

√ Electricity: boiler、steam turbine、pipeline、fuel cell、lithium electric kiln.

√ Ceramic: roller kiln、tunnel kiln、shuttle kiln.

√ Glass: melting furnace、toughening furnace、glass heat treatment system.

√ Fire equipment: fire door、fire elevator、rescue capsule.

√ Fuel cells: In and around SOFC、PEMFC、and MCFC blowout preventer.


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