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BlackBox Insulation layer

Product Description

Flamebor BlackBox specialized developed to provide high temperature thermal protection for data recorder (commonly known as black box) in aircrafts, automobiles, ships and high-speed trains, is a thermal protection layer for data recorders to keep the memory board safe during post-accident fires.

Mainly made from a mixture of fumed silica, fiber reinforced materials and other additives, with strong thermal protection performance which can maintain a safety protection effect at a temperature of 1100℃ for at least 1 hour. Products can also be customized to meet the requirements according to the internal and external temperature parameters as well as the internal shape, making a match shape.

Flamebor BlackBox offers 4 thermal protection products series EDR, FDR, CVR and VDR for automotive, aircraft and voyage data recorders.

Module selection
PropertiesFlamebor  BlackBox EDRFlamebor BlackBox FDRFlamebor BlackBox CVRFlamebor BlackBox VDR
Application Temperature,℃95011001100
Nominal Density,kg/m³230~400250~400240~400
Internal Temp (°C) 1
at 1100 °C fire testing
in 10 mins60~200

in 60 mins
Specific Heat Capacity,KJ/kg·K200℃0.80~0.920.83~0.990.82~0.97
Linear Shrinkage,Full soak,24 hours,%,ASTM C356950℃≤3≤3≤3
Thermal Conductivity,W/m·K,ASTM C177200℃0.021~0.0250.018~0.0230.019~0.028
Loss of Ignition, Dry condition<2.0≤2.0≤2.0

Remark: The data in the table above are all tested based on pure core material.

1 The internal temperature value is the range of variation under different material structure and thickness. Structural and material design is available on request.

Dimensions, Tolerances and Packaging

Standard SizesSizes can be customized on request
EncapsulationNaked/POF(Plastic Optical Fiber shrink film)

Remark: dimensions and thicknesses and encapsulation cloth are available on demands.


Flamebor microporous thermal protection materials help to accurately control internal temperature and heat flow, effectively protecting internal storage devices. Its comprehensive property is incomparable to other thermal insulation materials.

√ Low thermal conductivity below or at the working temperature.

√ Thermal shock resistance.

√ Inorganic and non-combustible, class A fire resistant, can be used as fire insulation layer.

√ A variety of temperature models are available to suit the application.

√ Non-toxic and harmless, without inhalable harmful fibers.

√ Resistant to most chemical substances.

√ A wide range of sizes are available for order.

√ Free choice according to design requirements.

√ No ODS substances are produced during production and application, no damage to the atmosphere, environmental protection and recyclable.

√ Increase the internal capacity or reduce the external space and weight.

√ Designed for precision, advanced and complex machining.


√ Automotive: the thermal protection layer of the Event Data Recorder(EDR, Vehicle Black Box).

√ Aviation: the thermal protection layer of Flight Data Recorder (FDR, Aircraft Black Box) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR, Aircraft Black Box).

√ Navigation: the thermal protection layer of the Voyage Data Recorder (VDR, Ship’s Black Box).


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